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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How should I feel after an adjustment?
A. After your chiropractor corrects your vertebral subluxation complex, thousands of body functions and activities are affected. Nerve impulses over your brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves to your internal organs renew and rebuild itself. Some patients describe a warm feeling flowing to various parts of their bodies. Some feel very relaxed or energetic, or both!

Q. Why should I continue care when my back feels much better?
A. Pain is usually the last thing to show up and the first things to go away. Therefore the presence or absence of pain is rarely related to tissue healing. Research suggests that the healing of the supportive tissues of the spine, mainly muscles and ligaments, continues well after the pain is gone. In the end, following through with your Doctor’s recommended care will save you time and money, and also help you prevent re-injuries.

Q. How can Chiropractic help me?
A. Our goal is to turn your health around by relieving you of any serious form of spine and nerve damage called a subluxation. Subluxations affect your nerves, muscles, ligaments, discs, joint, bones and external organs including your brain.

Q. How long is it going to take for me to get better?
A. Everyone’s body heals at its own rate. There are a lot of factors that determine how long it will take, such as age, diet, lifestyle and regularity of care



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Dr. Troy Buckridge
Back & Neck Relief Clinic
11729 Chapman Highway
Seymour, TN 37865

We treat common conditions such as neck and back pain, sciatica, shoulder and elbow pain.
After years of studying neurologic conditions, I also treat conditions such as dizziness, fibromyalgia.

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